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NFL nearly set to allow local affiliate replays of games this season

With local television partners losing their chance to air preseason games this season due to the lack of an exhibition schedule, the NFL could be giving those affiliates a chance to make up for it.

According to Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal, the NFL is closing in on clearance to allow games to be re-aired in home markets on local affiliates the week after the game has been played.

The games would likely be rebroadcast only on the official partner stations of the teams in their given home markets.

As an example, the Seattle Seahawks partner with Q13 to air their preseason contests in their home market. That would be the network to expect any rebroadcasts of Seahawks game this season. The same would go for SNY and the New York Jets, CBS 11 for the Dallas Cowboys, CBS 5 for the San Francisco 49ers, etc.

Those networks may not preempt regular programming for rebroadcasts of NFL games, but they may be able to put them on their own affiliate sites as additional options as well.

Replays of games had been accessible via the NFL Game Pass service with select games from each week re-aired on NFL Network as well during the week.

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