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Snakes on a plate: Australian man shocked after massive serpents crash through kitchen ceiling

It’s every Australian’s worst nightmare – well, probably everyone’s worst: making a cup of tea in the kitchen, only to have two massive snakes fall through your kitchen ceiling.

Retiree David Tait received a bit of a shock on Monday when he found two carpet snakes had tumbled on to the kitchen floor at his home north of Brisbane, before slithering away to the bedroom and living room.

Snake catcher Steven Brown told the Today show the two snakes were male, and appeared to be fighting over a third, female snake.

Measuring 2.8m and 2.5m long, and reportedly weighing 22kg between them, Brown said the snakes were “some of the biggest and fattest” he’d ever seen.

The third snake has still not been located, sparking fears it was still somewhere in the house. The other two snakes were relocated to a state forest close by.

Tait said he had seen snakes around his home previously, but never that big, and never in the house.

“We have a lot of bush around here so you do see snakes, but I’d never seen snakes of that size,’’ Tait told Today on Tuesday morning.

With warmer weather approaching, Australians should be prepared for more snake sightings as they come out of hibernation around the country.

For snake catchers, the period is a boon for business.

Raymond Hoser, a snake catcher in Melbourne, warns that people will be crossing more snakes in the coming weeks.

“Because people are at home and they’re not out and about … we’ve got a perfect storm where people will see more snakes,” he said.

The snake-catcher expects to receive more callout requests as we enter spring, usually peaking at 20 to 30 callouts a day by October.

Hoser warned that snakes could be dangerous, and not to deal with them without professional help.

“If you see a snake don’t go near it. Nine times out of 10 if they’re in your garden they’re passing through,” he said.

“If you get bitten, bandage on your arm, straight to hospital.

“Without treatment you’re likely to die. With treatment you probably won’t die.”

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